Annual or single gifts are an investment in long term preservation, education, and cultural presentations.  


Your annual gift could support any of the following:

$50 = One Elementary School Fieldtrip or Three Acid-Free Boxes for long-term preservation of historic photos

$100 = Can provide supplies for one Exhibit Installment in the City Finance Building for the public to enjoy.  Or, can provide support for one of our monthly historic presentations.

$500 = Can ensure the stability of the network and software that holds our collections catalogue. Or, provide the materials for three hands-on educational programs.

$1,000+  = Roof repair, exhibit installments, maintenance and repair of historic firetrucks.


Give Today:


These examples are a few of the short term projects. Annual gifts support ongoing preservation and maintenance of historic properties including the 1927 Stone Church, the 1930s era Rebecca Dallis School House, and the 19c Weaver Pioneer Cemetery as well as the museum galleries and property.  Annual gifts also support ongoing reseach and exhibit development, educational programs, and cultural presentations.

Adopt an artifact! Coming Soon.