Collections, Exhibits and Programs

The Casa Grande Historical Society collects, preserves, and provides research access to artifacts, written documents, graphics, and other materials concerning local history that is of enduring historical and research value. Collections can be viewed on exhibit at the museum and are available for research by appointment.

The Archives and Library:


The archives contain manuscripts, photographs, and documents created or gathered by individuals, families, businesses, and other organizations. The manuscript collections constitute the core of our research collection and range from the late 1700s to the present. Finding aids (guides to contents) can be found here.

historicCG-bevelThe photographic collections as well as other formats document the families, individuals, landscape, and structures of the Casa Grande region. The collections contain over 30,000 images in a variety of formats ranging from early pioneer settlement of Casa Grande to modern digital images. A small portion of the photographs have been digitized. Both digitized and printed photos in our collections are available for purchase by order.

The voices of local longterm and lifetime residents can be found in the oral history collections. Oral interviews have been conducted, recorded, and transcribed by volunteers since the founding of the Historical Society in 1964. The stories recorded are invaluable first-hand recollections of the individuals who experienced the ever changing economy, lifestyles, and cultures of Casa Grande and the surrounding region.

The library contains over 200 items related to local interest including history, culture, care of artifacts and family heirlooms, as well as old textbooks and reference manuals.

The Library and Archives also contain books, maps, architectural drawings, newspaper clippings, family records, business records and many more items of historical interest.  The collections are available for research by appointment. Contact the Historical Society.

Artifacts and Exhibits:

periodroom-bevelThe museum maintains over 50,000 artifacts including prehistoric, archaeological, historic, and contemporary items. Artifacts include utlitarian, artistic, technological, and communication pieces from a range of industries, cultures, and landscapes related to the Casa Grande region, the families that have migrated to the area, and the industries that forged the city as we know it today.

Exhibits and historic properties are maintained to preserve the heritage of the region. On site exhibits demonstrate the early lifestyles, craftsmanship, and professional trades of indigenous population, early immigrant settlers, pioneer farmers, cattle ranchers, miners, railroad settlement, and cotton growers among others. Exhibits and collections represent the people, tools, and lifestyles indigenous to the area as well as settlers, homesteaders, merchants, and immigrants from a wide variety of cultures.

Nationally and locally registered historic properties include the 19th/20th Century Weaver Pioneer Cemetery, the historic 1927 First Presbyterian Church building, and the 1930s era segregated Southside Colored Schoolhouse as well as a collection of hsitoric fire engines and large scale agricultural equipment. Off site exhibits provide temporary public deminstrations representing the Casa Grande region. Currently, offsite exhibits are located in the Adminsitrative and Finance Building of City Hall and are open to the public during regular City Hall business hours.