The Transition from Central to Saguaro School

Then, later on because of the growth they changed me to teach P.E. at Evergreen and Ocotillo. I enjoyed the staff at Ocotillo and the kids were great and both schools. You know, people complain now because you don’t have an office. My office was my red car where I had all the balls and the equipment and I would transfer them back and forth. I taught the same amount, half a day at one school, half a day at the other. We did that because, in those years, we Evergreen, East School, Ocotillo and Central School. Those years were enjoyable.

Like now, we were growing. I remember they went for a school bond and it passed. They were going to close Central and started building Saguaro. Both years, I had to give up Ocotillo because they [Evergreen] were on double sessions with Central School kids. I stayed at Evergreen all day with the kids. We had the staff at Evergreen and the staff from Central that became part of Saguaro later on when they finished the school. I was teaching P.E. in those years from 7:30-5:30 with thirty minutes for lunch, maybe. It was continuous all day with the classes until we finished school.

People have forgotten, but we added 6th grade at the junior high and a wing was built behind the cafeteria at Saguaro that was supposed to be the 6th grade wing. I went to junior high to teach 6th grade in the afternoon and continued to teach P.E. at Evergreen. Finally, when they opened Saguaro, they did away with the double sessions and I stayed at Evergreen and taught 6th graders at the junior high.