First Principalship Assigned in 1975

I didn’t stay long at Cottonwood long. In December 1975 Lymon Bingham had been sick and I still remember when Superintendent Skaggs came to the school to talk to me. He wanted me to go to East School and take over for Mr. Bingham for the remainder of the year as principal. At that time I didn’t have any administration certification. That had never been one of my dreams. But, before that, I had turned down two principal offers in the district. My wife and I discussed that transfer because she was teaching at East School and a husband and wife can’t work in the same school. I was just supposed to be there ‘til the end of the school year. East School had been her home. (Laughter) Sometimes a superintendent makes some drastic decisions. I reminded Dr. Skaggs “You told me that I would be transferred later on instead of my wife.” But then, I still recall Dr. Skaggs coming in and asking my wife where she wanted to transfer. They transferred her to be a counselor [at the junior high] although she didn’t have any counselor classes at all at that time. Ned Wheeler was at the junior high and had been at East School. He and I were friends. But Cleo stayed at the junior high for two years and I decided to take my chance to see what I could do at Palo Verde.

I stayed at Palo Verde from then on, all those years. In 1995 I moved to Mesquite. I got to know the whole community real well. I have grown so much in this community. I had good relations with my staff and community not only on the east side but with the whole community in general. I know that accomplished a lot of things because of the people that I have behind me. I’m only as good as my people made me.