Oral Histories

The following is a partial list of oral history interviews with residents of the Casa Grande region. The purpose of the collection is to preserve the history and heritage of Casa rande through the social and community memories of those who experienced life in the region as longterm and lifetime locals.

The interviews are held in the archives and are recorded on cassette, DVD, CD, and other formats depending on the period of collection. Previews of the transcribed interviews are linked below. Not all interviews have been transcribed, but most are available for review by appointment.

If you are interested in a particular interview, please contact the Historical Society.

Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the families who have contributed to this invaluable collection. We hope you enjoy the stories and discover hidden treasures. We continue to collect and preserve the stories of Casa Grande and welcome invitations for interviews.

Acuff, Guy, 1966

Albrecht, Gladys, 1991

Andersen, Maude, 1975

Armenta, Henry, 1991

Armenta, Ramon, 1968

Bartlett, Sara Andrade, 1990,1992

Benedict, Kay Hill, 1978

Bonebrake, Hazel Sell,1992

Brackett, Marjorie “Marge”, 2008

Burrell, Ralph, 2007

Carlton, Keith,1979

Carlton, Keith & Mickey, 1993, 2004

Carlton, Mickey & Marvin, 2004

Carter, Robert Carroll, 1991, 2007

Carter, Seminola & Renee Carter Willliams 2008

Caywood, Sammie Darr,1991

Caywood, Tommy, 2004

Caywood, Tommy and Sammie, 1993

Chamberlin, Rosalie, 1991

Coxon, Nate, 1989

Coxon, Nate & Dorothea, 2005

Crouch, Fred, 1975

Cruz, Albert, 1976

Cruz, Margaret “Maggie”, 1981

Don, Franklin, 2004

Don, Franklin & Ethel, 2004

Don, James E., 1991

Eberle, Virginia, 2007

Eddings, William, Sr., 1991, 2004, 2008

Edwards, Betty, 2008

Edwards, Jeanne, 2001

Elliot, Arthur “Art”, 1993

Gladden, Buford, 1993

Farthings, Geneva Hankins, 1992

Farrow, Patricia Osborne, 1989

Felix, The Family. 1993

Fisher, Connie Richerson, 197

Forbach, Anna “Annie” Brandenburg, 1979

Fowler, Mae, 2007

Freudling, Father Lambert, n.d.

Garrett, Sunshine, 1992

Gilbert, Carlotta, 2004

Gilbert, Guy, 1966

Hankins, Isabel, n.d.

Henness, Louise, 2003

Hernandez, David, 2004

Hooper, Ed, 1993

Johns, Wanda, 1997

Kerr, Jimmie, 2004

Lehmberg, Rick, 2004

McNatt, Mark, 1992

Miller, Bertha Loss, 1968

Miller, Elizabeth, 1992

Nader, Alex and Rita, 2005

O’Neil, James T., 2003

Pate, James, 1993

Peters, Augustus F. “Pete”, 1978, 1991, 1993, 2007

Phifer, Leola, 2004

Powell, Dorothy, 1992

Ripple, Ida Templeton, 1997

Roberts, Orlenda, 2007

Roberts, Michelle and Orlenda, 2008

Roberts, Ruby, 1975

Rugg, Mary and Ida Rugg Storey, 2007

Santos, Eva, 1992

Schoen, Barbara, 2004

Storey, Jerry and Ida, 2008

Singh, John, 1993

Sharp, Ulysses “Slim”, 2007

Spudick, John, 1993

Trekell, Don and Martha “Marty”, 2008

Urban, Peter, 1978

Wagnon, Ira, 1982