Discovering the San Carlos Parkway

Did you know there is an amazing 3/4 mile long bikeway/walkway a few blocks from Peart Park? It is a beautiful walkway, cutting at an angle across a half dozen blocks of suburban Casa Grande, with great benches at every intersection. It forms a third of a great bikeway or walkway from Peart Park and Old Town Casa Grande to the Doan Street area, which leads directly over I10 to the Mission Royale area.  The San Carlos Parkway is on the right of way of a former San Carlos irrigation canal that used to lie on the south side of Casa Grande, with the town on one side, and farm fields on the other. But when the city expanded beyond the irrigation canal in the mid-1980's, it was filled in, and eventually converted to this wonderful parkway.

There is almost no information on the Internet about the history of this fascinating parkway. About all that an hour's Google search could unearth was a line item in a budget allocation approving about $230,000 for the construction of the parkway. If any persons have more information about this Casa Grande gem, please contact the Museum Director.

Here is a closeup map of the route, partway between Florence Blvd and Jimmie Kerr Blvd.

San Carlos Parkway1

Here's a high level overview of the San Carlos Parkway, with two suggested loop bicycle or walking loops. The Red Loop is shorter and the Blue Loop is wide ranging.



Finally, here is a perspective look at the trail from the air, as it cuts across No Trekell Ave :).



I've biked this route several times, most recently with a camera. There are delightful scenes all along the route, animals, birds and houses. Here is a photo gallery of the route from the Doan Street area to Peart Park, including the wonderful San Carlos Parkway!

Click on the photos for larger versions. There are captions in the lower left of each photo.