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Tours and fieldtrips are available at The Museum year-round by appointment. Scheduled visits include a guided tour of indoor and outdoor exhibits, hands-on activities, and discussion. An indoor or outdoor space can be made available for your group to enjoy a self-provided brown bag lunch or snacks. To inquire about dates or programs offered please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Museum at 520-836-2223. 

Field Trips for School Groups

The Museum is an ideal environment for students to learn more about local and state history in the context of Western expansion in early U.S. history including local cultures, the railroad, agriculture, and the development of technology, architecture, commerce and trade.

Educational units and activities are designed to support state curriculum standards by providing content and context for skills development in social study, history, literature, and math. Information on potential activities and themes is provided to educators prior to the scheduled fieldtrip to help prepare students. Fieldtrips include a guided tour, hands-on activities, and a reflection discussion.  Available for elementary, middle, and highschool students.

Field Trips for Youth Groups

Youth of all ages are invited to explore history and culture through fun and engaging hands-on activities. Fieldtrips are designed to engage youth in learning in a fun and exploratory activity highlighting culture, crafts, discussion, and the use of audio/visual materials that support academic standards. Skillsets include social study, history, literature and math. Information on potential activities and themes can be provided to group leaders prior to the scheduled fieldtrip. Fieldtrips include a guided tour, hands-on activities, and a reflection discussion. Available for youth of all ages.

Tours for Adult Groups

Adults will enjoy an exploration of local and state history that includes a guided tour, optional hands-on activity or presentation, and a reflection discussion followed by a brown bag lunch or refreshments. Groups may opt to complete the experience with a taste of Casa Grande at one of the many locally owned restaurants and cafes. The guided tour includes indoor and outdoor exhibits.  

Physical Access to the Museum Properties

The exhibits and galleries of the museum, both indoor and outdoor, are wheelchair accessible. Many programs including the Speaker Series and some Second Saturday events take place in Heritage Hall, an historic building on the museum grounds. The building has seven outdoor steps and five indoor steps which include handrails, but does not offer an elevator or ramps at this time. If you require assistance to enter the building, please notify the museum staff and volunteers prior to or at the time of your visit.